Winter in  Minnesota

Find information on two of Minnesotans favorite winter activities, Alpine Snow Boarding and Skiing. Some basic equipment info and locations to use it.


A site featuring just two of the many things Minnesotans enjoy their winters with. Skiing and Snowboarding..

Snowboard vs Skiing

Snowboarding is not new to many but is not as prolific as the well established art of skiing, but as we well know it is gaining ground with skiing and should hold equal status as it gets more established through the changing demographics at least as far as north america goes.

Touch of History

The first object that resembled a snowboard was invented by Sherman Poppen in 1968 and was called the Snurfer (combination of Snow Surfer). The snurfer was fairly simple and had no bindings, what is called a noboard. While boarding appears as far back as 1968 and is old for many, skiing has a richer past and diverse history. Skis found in 1924 in a mire near the village of Kalvträsk in, Sweden, were carbon dated to roughly 3200 B.C. The first hints to the existence of skis are on 4500 to 5000 year old rock drawings. Skiing has lived the test of time so snowboarders will have to at least give them credit where credit is due.

Places and Equipment

This site feature a small amount of info on both the harware or equipment required and the places close to the metropolitain area of Minneapolis and St. Paul where you can enjoy these winter activities.