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Site developed with:

WAMP and XAMPP (W for Windows, X "cross-platform"), Apache2, MySQL , and PHP along with MyPhpAdmin database admin.

During the development of this project I experimented with both a WAMP and XAMPP web development environment along with several different IDEs to familiarize myself with the subtle differences in configuration and terminologies.

  • WAMP and XAMPP (W for Windows, X "cross-platform")
  • Apache2 (HTTP Server)
  • MySQL (open source database)
  • PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, general-purpose scripting language)

  • MyPhpAdmin (administration of MySQL)

The WAMP and XAMPP distributions offer an easy way to setup a development environment, to allow website design and programing without any access to the internet. Providing and maintaining web development in Microsoft platform languages required additional configuration to the local host port and path for WAMP and XAMPP distros as a IIS server also must be available for the .NET web and app development environment.

The screen shots below are a core sample of the CMS side of this website which includes the ability to Add, Edit, Delete categories, aircraft and users. An admin login is required as it allows direct access to the database.

Aircraft Manager | Category Manager | User Manager | Contact