Action Windows Mac
Create a new paragraph Enter Return
Insert a line break Shift+Enter Shift+Return
Insert a nonbreaking space Control+Shift+space Option+space
Move text or object to another place Drag selected item to new location Drag selected item to new location
Copy text or object to another place Control-drag selected item to new location Option-drag selected item to new location
Copy text only and not HTML tags Control+Shift+C Command+Shift+C
Paste as text Control+Shift+V Command+Shift+V
Select a word Double-click Double-click
Add selected items to library Control+Shift+B Command+Shift+B
Switch--Document window > HTML inspector Control+Tab Control+Tab or Option+Tab
Open and close the Property Inspector Control+Shift+J Command+Shift+J
Check spelling Shift+F7 Shift+F7
To toggle the display of Windows Macintosh
Standard view Control+Shift+F6 Command+Shift+F6
Layout view Control+F6 Command+F6
Toolbar Control+Shift+T Command+Shift+T
Action Windows Macintosh
Indent Control+] Command+]
Outdent Control+[ Command+[
Format > None Control+0 (zero) Command+0 (zero)
Paragraph Format Control+Shift+P Command+Shift+P
Apply Headings 1 through 6 to a paragraph Control+1 through 6 Command+1 through 6
Alignment > Left Control+Shift+Alt+L Command+Shift+Option+L
Alignment > Center Control+Shift+Alt+C Command+Shift+Option+C
Alignment > Right Control+Shift+Alt+R Command+Shift+Option+R
Make selected text bold Control+B Command+B
Make selected text italic Control+I Command+I
Edit Style Sheet Control+Shift+E Command+Shift+E
Note: Some text formatting shortcuts have no effect when working in the code editors.
Action Windows Macintosh
Select table (with cursor inside the table) Control+A Command+A
Move to the next cell Tab Tab
Move to the previous cell Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Insert a row (before current) Control+M Command+M
Add a row at end of table Tab in the last cell Tab in the last cell
Delete the current row Control+Shift+M Command+Shift+M
Insert a column Control+Shift+A Command+Shift+A
Delete a column Control+Shift+ - (hyphen) Command+Shift+ - (hyphen)
Merge selected table cells Control+Alt+M Command+Option+M
Split table cells Control+Alt+S Command+Option+S
Update table layout (forces a redraw when in "faster table editing" mode) Control+Spacebar Command+Spacebar
Note: Some table shortcuts do not work in Layout view.