Fun in the Flakes


Two wire frames using HTML have been produced to show page layout and base color scheme. Links are located at upper left of this page.

Planning Progress (Very Fluid)

Work in progress (WIP) will be updated periodically as time permits or as required .

Mock-ups of the homepage and an interior page.

  • The basic plan must explain the site's purpose declare the site's goals , identifies the target audience, and describes the features and how they will work—page 22.
  • What assumptions are you making about your target audience—page 25
  • Use the form on page 53
  • Create 2 personas
  • Use the form on page 57
  • Use the forms on page 120 and 121 to explain your site's organization and navigation
  • Present how your site will be organized through use of wireframes/ thumbnails that are created by using an imaging software or are hand rendered. These mock-ups are to reflect your layout, color choices and subject matter.
  • Create a diagram of the site map how the site will navigate and link together—page 108
  • Create a diagram of how the site's root folder is organized.

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